Damon Holzborn – 1 vox vol 1 (2017)
A set of etudes that employ tight constraints to encourage focused exploration of the capabilities of a compact modular synthesizer

Quibble – Quibble (2016)
The trio (Damon Holzborn, Nathan Hubbard, Marcelo Radulovich) displays their aggressive brand of electronic improvisation in these recordings unearthed from the archives.

Accretions – 30 (2015)
A compilation celebrating Accretions’ 30th anniversary featuring rare archival and early vinyl-only releases, previously unreleased recordings and previews of upcoming releases.

Damon Holzborn – Character Weekend 1, 2, 3 (2013)
Three groups of small sets of short improvised solo pieces.

Accretions – 25 (2010)
Accretions celebrates their 25th anniversary with 25, a compilation CD featuring some of their perennial and more recent creative contributors.

Donkey – Stone (2007)
Hans Fjellestad: synthesizer
Damon Holzborn: electronics
Recorded live at The Stone in Manhattan’s East Village, this is Donkey’s third effort on Accretions and signals a new sound for the duo; dark, glitchy, dense, playful, harsh, loopy

Trummerflora – Rubble 2 (2006)
Rubble 2 is the second in a series of compilations featuring works by members and ensembles of the Trummerflora Collective. Damon contributes a solo composition.

Damon Holzborn – Adams & Bancroft (2004)
Abandoning his guitar for this project, Holzborn brings his instrumental approach to the laptop, resulting in the same dynamicism and timbal exploration displayed in his ensemble work.

Trummerflora – Rubble 1 (2004)
A CD compilation featuring works by various members and ensembles of the Trummerflora collective. Damon performs on tracks with Donkey, Quibble and solo.

Various Artists – Grain – A Compilation Of 99 Tracks (2003)
99 tracks by 99 artists. Curated by Brian O’Shaugnessy.

Donkey – Big Sur (2002)
Hans Fjellestad – analog & digital synthesizers, sampler, electronics
Damon Holzborn – guitar, sampler, electronics
With its own sense of rhythm, tension and momentum, Big Sur maintains Donkey’s commitment to live improvisative music and moves into some rich new spaces, providing a new window into the mind of the Burro.

Trummerflora Collective – No Stars Please (2001)
A collection of live concert recordings featuring a capricious roster of performers, including collective members Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Nathan Hubbard, Robert Montoya, Marcelo Radulovich and Jason Robinson, with guest appearances by George Lewis, Lê Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally and Ellen Weller.

Donkey – Show (2000)
Hans Fjellestad – keyboards, electronics
Damon Holzborn – guitars, electronics
Live concert recordings, with guest performances by turntablist Marcus B and clarinettist Matt Ingalls.

Fernandes/Fjellestad/Holzborn/Radulovich – …and the reindeer you rode in on (1999)
Holiday music from the Trummerflora collective.

Various Artists – Trummerflora 2 (1998)
Experimental/improvised music compilation featuring “LOT 12” by Hans Fjellestad and Damon Holzborn.

patrioticAnne 74:30 (1993)
Hans Fjellestad – piano, keyboards, voice, percussion
Damon Holzborn – guitars, keyboards, percussion
Electroacoustic improvisations and compositions. With guest appearances by Romana Jaroff and Scott Walton.

Guest Appearances

Nathan Hubbard – Skeleton Key Orchestra (2003)
Damon appears as guest improviser/electronics.

Marcelo Radulovich – Hello (2002)
Composed of looped voice and samples, ruled by infectious essence shrouded in mystery, HELLO introduces the legend of TITICACAMAN: instrument maker, ignorant scientist. Damon appears as guest improviser/guitarist.

Marcos Fernandes – Hybrid Vigor (2002)
New music incorporating improvisation, avant rock, trance and sound art. Guests include Michael Dessen, Lisle Ellis, Philip Gelb, David Gould, Damon Holzborn, and others.

Hans Fjellestad – Red Sauce Baby (2000)
Damon appears as guest improviser/guitarist performing with Jason Robinson (tenor sax), Alan Lechusza (bass clarinet/bari sax), and Hans Fjellestad (organ).

Marcelo Radulovich – 2 Brains (1999)
Damon appears as guest improviser/guitarist.

Film and Theater Scores

Perspective Study
Dance video by Alicia Marván (2006)

Measures of Distance
Installation by Magaly Ponce & Margaret Bellafiore (2006)

directed by Keith Hennessy, performed by Sarah Leddy, Alicia Marván, Margaret Paek, and Amanda Waal (2005)

part of inSite_05 – video by Ivan Díaz Robledo, Liisa Lounila, and Magaly Ponce; curated by Hans Fjellestad (2005)

Gunter’s Grass
video by Marcelo Radulovich, music by Marcelo Radulovich and Damon Holzborn, dance by Alicia Marván and Jessica Radulovich (2005)

Available Space
dance by Lower Left (with Quibble) (2003)

The Tiger’s Pool
dance by Alicia Marván (2003)

Celebrate Dance Festival
dance and performance art by Lower Left; part of the festival sponsored by Eveoke Dance Theatre and Balboa Park (with Quibble) (2001)

Available Space
dance and performance art by Lower Left (with Quibble) (2001)

Oddities from the Bridge
dance by Alicia Marván (2000)

Available Space
dance and performance art by Lower Left with Simone Forti (2000)

Nada Objectography
video short by Hans Fjellestad (1998)

Discount Baby World
poetry film by Hans Fjellestad and Mark Latiner (1998)

animated short by Richard Sandoval (1995)

Untitled for the Moment
play by Mark Latiner (1993)

animated short by Hans Fjellestad (1994)