Learning Crow, Script 2 – Curved Random

November 26th, 2019

[This is the second in a series of scripts I’m sharing while I learn to write applications for the new Monome Crow, a Eurorack module that connects to Norns or computers running Max, Max for Live, and other serial-enabled applications. Crow also stores a complete script, so that without a USB connection it can continue to run, responding to CV input and ii messages.]

A example script demonstrating a method to generate weighted random numbers. In addition to the min/max value settings, the method has three parameters that control how the randomness is weighted:

  • curveLevel – higher values make a steeper curve favoring one end
  • bellFactor – higher values focus the curve more sharply in the middle
  • direction – which end the curve favors – up or down

Download the script and find more details at the Lines forum.