0 Plural Album and Limited Edition Prints Release

September 22nd, 2022

I’m excited to announce the release of my new album, 0 Plural. My excitement is twofold. First, the album is a return to longer form works after a decade of nearly obsessive focus on the short character pieces that comprise the Character Weekend and 1 Vox series as well as most of the Exquisite series (a collaboration with John O’Brien). But this release is also different since it introduces the first sets of limited edition prints to be produced with Tentacle, an algorithmic drawing program that I developed with Amir Hariri. Three editions are available – one 12”, from the cover art, plus two 7”, one for each track on the album.

The album and the prints are all available on on Bandcamp.

Thanks for listening.

0 Plural Limited Edition Prints Release